The Suffrage Plays with Artemisia Theatre

Marjorie will be understudying in Artemisia Theatre’s upcoming production of The Suffrage Plays, a night of three one acts by Evelyn Glover and George Bernard Shaw.

The Suffrage Plays are being done in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment and voting rights for women and runs from November 1st through the 24th at The Den.

Majorie Muller
Urbanite Theatre's Modern Works Festival

Marjorie’s play, Regular, is a finalist in Urbanite Theatre’s second annual Modern Works Festival! Marjorie will be flying down to Sarasota this October to workshop Regular for three public readings. Directed by Vicki Daignult, dramaturgy by Meredith Bartmon, and featuring the talents of Ashley Chang, Paul Michael Thomson, Katelyn McKelley, Charlie Klenk, and Carolyn Zaput.

Majorie Muller
Midsummer in Midsummer with Arc Theatre

Marjorie will be playing Helena in the Arc Theatre’s annual Shakespeare on the Ridge production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

The Arc Theatre returns to Shakespeare on the Ridge for its 10th anniversary with the show that started it all: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Starry-eyed young lovers and a couple of ambitious actors escape the rigid world of Athens and enter into a magical woods inhabited by spectacular faeries who’s lust for mischief is fueled by their own torrid romance. Perfectly suited to Shakespeare on the Ridge’s outdoor stage at twilight, this re-imagined adaptation of Shakespeare’s most famous comedy is Arc at its best.

Performances are Saturday and Sunday evenings at 7pm from July 20th to August 11th in the Ridgeville Park District.

"littlespace, or the daddy play" set for NoMads 19/20 season!

littlespace, or the daddy play is set to be NoMads Art Collective’s spring production for the 19/20 season! littlespace… received a staged reading as part of NoMads’ Forge reading series in July of 2018.

Bea's recent diagnosis of endometriosis has put her plans of having a family on hold, perhaps permanently. As she tries to come to grips with the new reality before her, normalcy fractures when her husband reveals he's just been found by his long-lost daughter and her sister-in-law begins to unwind after her daughter is fired from Big Lots. A story about family, intimacy, and the things we sacrifice for what we think we want

Running May of 2020, littlespace… will be produced in the upstairs studio of The Greenhouse Theatre Center.

Majorie Muller
Regular at The Women's Theatre Festival

Marjorie’s newest play, Regular, is to be featured in The Women’s Theatre Festival’s Occupy the Stage fringe festival in Raleigh, NC! Regular will receive two public readings in the festival on July 13th and 14th and will be directed by Madison McAllister.

Ashley Popio, the festival coordinator and artistic director, describes Regular as a “laxative factory full of secrets.” This is accurate.

Marjorie will be attending the festival this July on behalf of NoMads Art Collective and is excited to meet artists from all across the country.

Majorie Muller
Twelve Ophelias (a play with broken songs)

Marjorie is currently playing Mina in The Martin’s production of Twelve Ophelias, written by Caridad Svich and directed by Whitney Currier.

“A candy-fueled immersive experience drops the audience into Ophelia’s world post-drowning and challenges the concepts of fate, desire and reality. Accentuated by Svich’s poetic prose and original songs ripped from the radio and reimagined by Lauren LoPiccolo, TWELVE OPHELIAS aims to leave the audience member wanting more - just like every good sugar addiction.”

Take a glimpse into the world of Twelve Ophelias here.

Twelve Ophelias runs from March 21st to March 30th at The Martin.

For tickets, click here.

Majorie Muller
Regular at The Forge

Marjorie’s newest full length play, Regular, will be receiving a reading as part of NoMads Art Collective’s monthly Forge reading series at Easthilll Tea Company on February 24th.

The cast of Regular includes the talents of Bianca Carniglia (PJ), Laura Duncan (Josie), Kayla Forde (Kate), Lucy Pearce (Angela), and Enrique Rentana (Eric).

For a synopsis of Regular and more information on NoMads Art Collective, click here.

Majorie Muller
Immunities, Season 3

Marjorie is a featured voice actor on this season of Immunities, created and written by Bob Koester.

Immunities is an original audio drama about the survivors of an alien invasion, who have to decide what kind of life to lead surrounded by those who look like, and in some ways are, the people they used to know. It’s science fiction, thriller, drama, and the rest of life all mixed together. 

Marjorie plays Molly, a disgruntled, captive alien who will go to any lengths to return to her alien kind and the Unity they share — even if it means betraying those closest to her.

You can listen to all of Immunities here.

Majorie Muller
Chicago 24

Marjorie took part in Eclectic Full Contact Theatre’s annual Chicago 24, a 24 hour playwriting festival December 16th and 17th, 2018 at Laugh Out Loud Theatre.

As playwright, Marjorie wrote in the dead of night a family dramedy with only a title to inspire her; That’s a Tall Man! was a lightly comedic and emotional story about nature, family, and the acceptance of change. That’s a Tall Man! was directed by Chris Causer and featured the talents of Brian Boller, Rebecca Fletcher, Jessica Goforth, and Suzy Krueckeberg.

Majorie Muller
NoMads Art Collective

Marjorie is officially an ensemble and staff member of NoMads Art Collective. NoMads is a new theatre company in Chicago with it’s sights set on becoming the next turbulent American theater. She will be part of their Marketing and Talent teams. You can see her work on their instagram @nomadsartcollective or their Facebook page! Learn more about NoMads here.

Majorie Muller
Victory Gardens Playwriting Workshop Led By Calamity West

Marjorie will be participating in the Victory Gardens Artist Accessibility project from September through November! This workshop features artists of all levels and gives them a workshop to support one another and achieve personal goals, all under the guidance of esteemed Chicago playwright, Calamity West.

Majorie Muller